Welcome to the Melody Wallace Voice/Singing and Piano Studio, LLC website. 

Melody Wallace is a professional musician working as a voice teacher, piano teacher, vocalist, accompanist/collaborative pianist, vocal coach, pianist, piano teacher, choral conductor, organist and transcriber in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.  She is also the music director at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Fairfield. 

I, Melody Wallace, teach serious music students.  Serious means students who are acting or speaking sincerely, involved, deeply interested, open, eager, relationship building, and awesome people!   Music lessons are fun and we are striving together for sustained progress with a high standard of excellence.  You do not have to want to be a music major or even headed in the direction of a career with music involvement to take lessons,  just someone who wants to commit to gaining skills and sharing their passion and love for music.   All ages and abilities and all styles of music are welcome and included in my studio. 

I teach music because I believe that it helps the student and teacher be more human, recognize beauty, be sensitive, be closer to something that is beyond our normal day to day world, have something to cling to, and therefore, we will have more love, more compassion, and a better and more fulfilling life.  I develop personal relationships with my students and parents and I give my heart to teaching.   This is my profession and vocation.  

I recently asked current students and parents to tell me what other people need to know about me?   Here are some of the phrases. 

"I think you are a GREAT teacher and you always give ways for me to understand what's going on with my voice.    You don't always assume that I know something."
"You are insightful and help me understand how something should feel when I sing, so that I know how to do it again.  It's nice to be able to sing better everywhere. "
"You are personable and work with all ages and levels of singers.  You help students find and develop their voice and their style while nurturing and supporting them.  You also help them grow by encouraging them to take chances and create opportunities to showcase their talent."
"You are very specific and detailed in your teaching and able to reach people wherever they are (level wise)."
"You create a comfortable learning space."
"You are always very encouraging and positive and use constructive criticism so I don't feel judged for making mistakes."
"You challenge my daughters abilities and help her grow and get more comfortable. I never would have believed she would have sung at a recital or in front of anyone.  Thank you." 
"You are really fun and kind.  You are so knowledgeable about music and never make lessons  seem like work.   You always help me improve in a fun way."
"I love going to lessons.  Why wouldn't someone want to study with you?"
"You care about the whole person and their future as a singer and a person, not just the now."
"I learn about life and music while with you."  

Other common words and phrases used were kind, talented, compassionate, light filled, supportive, amazing, enthusiastic, helpful, caring, relatable.




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